Juniors in the NCAS area (and beyond!) are invited to sign up for the inaugural NCAS Junior Training Event on Saturday 20 April at Rochdale Company of Archers.

At this event you will have the opportunity to learn what is involved in a “teams champs” Head to Head whilst meeting other junior archers from across the Northern Counties.

Register before 21:00 on Sunday 7 April: Registration Form

Junior Target Records
– updated 18 Feb 2023

BOW Style:Recurvecompoundlongbowbarebow
Junior GirlRecurveCompoundLongbowBarebow
Junior BoyRecurveCompoundLongbowBarebow

Target Claims:
Please use the claim form attached to this link (CLAIM) but ONLY for Target record claims.
Please check as all claims MUST be accompanied with verification eg an event results list or link to an online results list. i.e. (score sheet or results sheet)
All claims to be sent by mail or email: Regional Junior Representative’s email address is juniors@ncas.co.uk (can also be found on the Record Claim Form)

Junior Clout Records
Please contact Clout Representative with Clout Archery record claims. Details are on the clout page along with record claim form.

BOW style:recurvecompoundlongbowbarebow
Junior GirlRecurveCompoundLongbowBarebow
Junior BoyRecurveCompoundLongbowBarebow

Junior Intercounties Results