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The ‘Grand Northern’ Archery Meeting

The following files capture some of the many awards that have been used over the years at The Northern Counties Grand Northern Competitions. Not all are covered here as some have little or no paper-trail to follow.
Photograph kindly provided by K Dean.

Many medals have been presented over the years to visitors but again there is a sparse paper-trail. However, these pages act as a Roll of Honour for those winners who could be identified at the ‘Grand Northern Archery Meeting’ held around our Northern Counties.

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Awards presented up to 2020

Grand Northern Awards List (Master)
Grand Northern Checklist (Master)

(Unofficial) Regional Senior Target Records

These were curated by Tony George prior to the handover of the website to the new PRO – its entirely possible that some of these regional records have since been superceded. If you wish to claim a Senior Target Record, please email with a link to the relevant national or county records page, clearly specifying which record you wish to claim.

Regional Senior Target Records

(last updated 30/9/2022)